Our story


The desire to offer quality coffee beans comes from a meeting made a few years ago. We had the chance to meet Prédrag Okuka, European roaster who had, with exemplary courage, to start his life from scratch when arriving in Quebec City.

In 2011, Mr. Okuka told us that our location in the heart of the Saint-Roch district, inside the Best Western Hotel, was ideal for a coffee shop and that he would be happy if his roasting house, Castelo, was our exclusive supplier of coffee beans.

As by chance, believe it or not, the place that was transformed to build the coffee shop included the room where the Okuka family was welcomed when they arrived in the country. We are therefore very proud to offer you the Castelo coffees and also to make extraordinary drinks every day!

Castelo’s roasting house is located on the south shore of Quebec city, in Saint-Nicolas. Castelo exclusively roasts Arabica beans and is committed to offering sophisticated and diversified aromatic profiles. Basically, it’s a celebration of coffee, a love of the trade and the desire for discovery that drives the business day after day.