Our coffees

Here is the list of the 20 coffees we offer. We also sell Castelo K-Cups for your Keurig machine. Need advice for preparation or conservation? Ask us all your questions, our advice can be useful for a better experience.



PERU –  organic and fair (South America)

TROIS MONTAGNES – exclusive blend (Italy)

ÉTOILES D’AUTRICHE – exclusive blend (Austria)

PANAMA – origin beans (central America)

TARRAZU – origin beans (Costa Rica)

SANTO DOMINGO – origin beans (Dominican Republic)

NIGRITA – exclusive blend (Greece)

KALOSSI – origin beans (Indonesia)

COLOMBIAN – origin beans (South America)

MIEL NOIR – exclusive blend (Greece)

CALAMARO – exclusive blend (Sicily, Italia)

MARAGOGYPE – origin beans (Guatemala)

SUMATRA MANDHELING – origin beans (Indonesia)

PAPOUASIE NOUVELLE-GUINÉE – origin beans (Papua New Guinea)

TANZANIE PEABERRY – grand cru (Africa)

KENYA AA – grand cru (Africa)

YIRGACHEFFE – grand cru (Ethiopia)

GUATEMALA – organic (central America)

ESPRESSO – exclusive blend (Italia)

SUMATRA DECAFFEINATED – water process (Indonesia)